Sentence Fragments

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As an instructor for introductory English courses at a variety of colleges, I have seen many students use incomplete sentences, otherwise known as sentence fragments. These are very common, but can be easily fixed. Unfortunately, many students struggle with this issue. A sentence fragment ...

Comma vs Semi-colon

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Comma vs Semicolon – Commonly Confused Punctuation One of the most common errors that writers make comes from using the wrong punctuation. Commas and semi-colons are often misused, where you might accidentally use a comma instead of a semi-colon, or visa versa. Overcoming this issue will ...

Effect versus Affect

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Effect versus Affect – A Guide to these Commonly Confused Words In writing, it is quite easy for many people to confuse the words affect and effect with one another. These are considered to be among the most “commonly confused words.” Here are some great tips to help you learn ...